So, you want to learn Ableton Live? Acclaimed Australian Music Producer Obseen, who has over 10 years of production experience, has organised his process of making music in Ableton live in one simple and easy to follow course.​ In this course you will:

1. Learn how to Record Audio and Midi.

2. Understand the basics of editing and effects.

3. Create your demo and share it with the world.

The course is packaged into 13 short and easy to understand topics which you can complete at your leisure from home:

Lesson One: The Workspace (00:00)

Lesson Two: Sound & Preferences (12:10)

Lesson Three: Audio Basics (17:26)

Lesson Four: Midi Basics (25:11)

Lesson Five: The Drum Rack (30:31)

Lesson Six: Midi and Melody (38:54)

Lesson Seven: Midi Editing Techniques (46:59)

Lesson Eight: Recording Audio (53:06)

Lesson Nine: Audio Editting Techniques (1:02:01)

Lesson Ten: Audio Effects (1:06:05)

Lesson Eleven: Automation (1:15:41)

Lesson Twelve: The Master Buss & Export Preparation (1:22:00)

Lesson Thirteen: Organising, Bouncing & Saving Projects (1:33:02)


Each purchase will unlock unlimited access to the course AND access to FREE content including:


1. A downloadable copy of the Ableton project from this course

2. An organised file structure that can be copied to keep projects organised.

3. Access to the EXCLUSIVE Obseen Academy Producer Network.

Note: This course does not include a license of Ableton Live.

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